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Training on the needs of women who use drugs in Kenya

Mainline initiated a collaboration between MEWA in Kenya and Nai Zindagi in Pakistan to bundle expertise on women who use drugs and design a training on this topic. Trainer Simon Williams (Mainline) and Dr. Maimoona (Nai Zindagi) worked together to compile the normative guidance already available on this topic. Working closely with MEWA - Mainline’s partner in Mombasa, Kenya - the knowledge on this topic is translated to fit the local context and the needs of outreach workers who reach out to women who use drugs.

The training is piloted in Mombasa in the week of 29 January. The National AIDS and STI Control Programme (NASCOP) will participate in the training and will provide their feedback. Based on this, we will adjust the training manual in order for it to be added to the national curriculum on HIV and AIDS prevention in Kenya. 

Female Friendly Hours at Drop-in Centre in Mombosa

Mainline, in partnership with Muslim Education and Welfare Association (MEWA), are undertaking a pilot project in Mombasa, Kenya. The objective of the pilot is to provide a safe space for females to easily access harm reduction services at the MEWA drop-in centre in the Kisauni region of Mombasa. Read more 

Study on drug laws & human rights of drug users in Kenya

People who use drugs in Kenya suffer from violence, harassment, prejudice, and ill health. The government of Kenya increasingly recognizes the very harsh realities drug users face. Important steps have been taken to provide more space for harm reduction programmes. Read the study

Methadone on the Kenyan Coast
How local NGOs deal with the challenges of methadone-assisted treatment for heroin users. In December 2014, Kenya became the third country in Sub-Saharan Africa to introduce Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST), after Tanzania and Mauritius. Read more

Recovering Addicts Battle Kenya’s Exploding Heroin Problem
Heroin addicts in the Kenyan coastal town of Malindi used to call Mohamed Said Mapera "The Doctor." These days, ‘The Doctor’ is 46 years old, clean, and a trained paramedic. He works for The Omari Project, a pioneering community-based organization in Malindi, providing treatment and support to heroin addicts. Read the article

Harm reduction in the Maskani (drug den) in Malindi, Kenya
Visiting a drug den and speaking openly with the people who hang out there, isn't something I get to do every day. With the help of our local partner, I was able to do just this.
Read the report by Monica Carriere (Mainline).

Judge in Mombasa upholds human rights of PWUD through alternative sentencing

Ms Diana Mochache is a magistrate at Shanzu law court in Mombasa, Kenya. She offers people who use drugs (PWUD) an alternative to jail for drug-related crimes. For instance, instead of 6 months in prison for petty crime, she refers PWUD to Muslim Education and Welfare Association (MEWA) for 6 months of detox, rehabilitation or psychosocial support in addressing drug related problems. Read the article

Bringing Harm Reduction to prison in Kenya
Our local partner in Kenya, MEWA, facilitated a workshop for prison officers in Mombasa. Many people who use drugs are held and don’t receive medical treatment. This training was in response to the urgent need for harm reduction services within the prisons. Read the article

How to make capacity building sustainable? 
With this question in mind, Mainline started a new project in Kenya: the 'Trainer of Trainers' (ToT) project. By educating new harm reduction trainers, new staff members can be educated whenever a partner wants. 

Mohamed: 'The training has made me a better trainer since I have been able to practice more frequently, organising indoor trainings for outreach workers and peer educators at our own organisation in order to enhance continuity in knowledge.’

Read more

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