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Learning from a mobile detox pilot in Pakistan

Innovation is an important pillar of work for Mainline under the Bridging the Gaps 2 (BtG2) programme. Throughout BtG2, Mainline aims to pilot new interventions; disseminate successful results to other countries, key populations and partners as well as further innovate the harm reduction field. Read more

Nai Zindagi; Reinventing Harm reduction

Nai Zindagi – a non-profit organisation based in Pakistan - currently functions as Mainline’s most important partner in innovation under the Bridging the Gaps 2 programme. Nai Zindagi and Mainline look back at an effective and professional 10-year collaboration.

Mainline visited Pakistan from 23 November to 30 November 2016. The team consisted of Machteld Busz (International programme manager) and Nick Veldwijk, (Country manager Nepal and responsible for innovations). Read more

Missing the target in Pakistan
Nai Zindagi, in collaboration with the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) and Mainline, conducted research on the key barriers of access to HIV services and treatment for HIV+ people who inject drugs. The study is part of the Missing the Target (MTT) report series, a community monitoring initiative, which enables civil society advocates to monitor and advocate for HIV/AIDS services in their respective countries.
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HIV and HCV among non-injection drug users in Pakistan 

A recent assessment in four cities in Pakistan shows an unexpected high prevalence of HIV and Hepatitis C among non-injection heroin users. 
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APLHIV: A progressive voice in Pakistan
The HIV-epidemic in Pakistan is centralised and concentrated. HIV mainly affects people who inject drugs. In a country where drug use is widespread but also a huge taboo and where sexuality is not always easily discussed, the Pakistani network for people living with HIV and associated key populations (APLHIV) makes itself heard. Read more

DUNE: The launch of a drug user network in Pakistan
On 5 May, the launch of the first drug user network in Pakistan was celebrated. The network will go by the name of DUNE and is part of the Association of People Living with HIV (APLHIV) in Pakistan.

APLHIV has been partner to the Bridging the Gaps programme for two years and has conducted an important study on the health and human rights situation of drug users in Pakistan. Read more

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Country Manager for Pakistan: Nick Veldwijk

Biometrics in needle exchange programmes
With the support of mainline, Nai Zindagi has started a pilot project in order to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the current management information system (MIS) by incorporating biometrics based client identification and service delivery management information system in real time. Read more

ART Adherence Unit in Pakistan; Global fund takes over and doubles capacity
Dutch funding proves to have a multiplier effect in Pakistan’s HIV programme. Nai Zindagi, Mainline’s partner in Pakistan, has developed a facility where people who use drugs are initiated on antiretroviral treatment (ART).
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