About Mainline

Mainline's mission is to promote health and fulfil the human rights of people who use drugs:

without a primary focus on the reduction of drug use and with respect for the individual drug user's freedom of choice and capabilities.


All of Mainline’s activities are carried out in the interests of harm reduction.

Harm reduction offers people the chance to control their use of drugs and take back their own lives within realistic boundaries.

Harm reduction thus restores human dignity and increases quality of life for people who use drugs.

Core values

The experiences and motivations of people who use drugs and the contexts in which drug use takes place constitute the point of departure for Mainline’s actions. Furthermore, Mainline works on the basis of the following norms and values:

• Non-moralising
• Evidence-based
• People-centred
• Authentic - creative and free-thinking
• Pragmatic - we get to work
• Activist


  1. Offering and implementing harm reduction interventions

  2. Promoting the human rights of people who use drugs

  3. Supporting and promoting harm reduction as a method and as a broad mindset

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Machteld Busz



country manager Tanzania

Nick Veldwijk

Country Manager Pakistan & Nepal

Hatun Eksen

Country Manager Indonesia

Muna Handulle

Country Manager Kenya & South Africa

Rafaela de Quadros Rigoni


Simon Williams



Tim Jansma

Team leader/ editor in chief

Sara Woods

policy officer

Toon Broeks

Field worker and editor

Annet Vogelaar

Fieldworker and editor

Ingrid Bakker

Chemsex team

Leon Knoops

Chemsex team

Sjef Pelsser

Chemsex team - Online fieldwork

Ferry Barendregt



Herman Kalter

Financial manager

Desiree van Dok

Office manager

Anca Iliescu


Mick Jonkman

Communications, Marketing & Social Entrepreneurship


Victor Everhardt

President, Alderman of Utrecht (D66).

Laetitia De Leede


Gerard Schippers

Gerard Schippers, Em Professor of Addiction-behaviour and Care evaluation, AMC-Department of Psychiatry (also at Jellinek-Arkin)

Wim Buisman

Board member International


Gerjo Kok

Professor of Applied Psychology

Wim van den Brink

Professor of Psychiatry and Addiction


There are currently no vacancies available.

Annual report 2018

Close to the field
Mainline’s people are often outdoors, which means: close to the field. Meet the people behind the stories from from Nepal, Kenya and South Africa. Ride with us and get a peek behind the scenes.

Read our Annual report 2018

Our International Team supports local fieldwork-oriented organisations with the primary objective of raising awareness of harm reduction. If required, the support can take the form of a motorbike, as was the case in Kenya.

Our National Team visits prisons, drop-in centres and consumption rooms, conducts fieldwork online or knocks on people’s doors.

Effective fieldwork is impossible without back-office support. Our budgeting, planning and record keeping is managed by a team of four. Meet the people behind the stories.

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