Quantifying evidence for harm reduction in Pakistan

Mainline’s partner Nai Zindagi in Pakistan has collected confidential data from over 40,000 clients involving 9,359,158 occasions of service during the past seven years. 

The nature and size of the database is unseen anywhere in the harm reduction field. It includes syringe and condom distribution, medical services including wound care, referrals, HIV testing and ART initiation as well as adherence to treatment for HIV positive clients. Together with the Kirby Institute of UNSW Australia, we have set the ambition to establish a serious research agenda based on these data. 

The Kirby Institute is a leading global research institute dedicated to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Together, we hope to study the factors that influence HIV incidence among people who inject drugs or their wives. Or to see into predictors for adherence to ART. We can study the patterns of commodities uptake and follow trends over time: both retrospectively and towards the future. In addition, if we are really ambitious: we can build an even stronger evidence-based support of harm reduction worldwide.
After some first analyses in the coming months, we will look into finding funds for more extensive research. Everyone interested in working with us on this special project: feel free to contact us any time. 

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