Understanding the needs of women who use drugs and their HIV+ children

Children Education Society (CHESO) in Tanzania has requested Mainline to assess the needs of women who use drugs and their (HIV positive) children. 

Between September and November two Mainline staff members will speak with women to ensure their needs for services will be taken up in the new national HIV and AIDS strategic plan. 

The goal

The key objective of the assignment is to assess the barriers to HIV services faced by women who use (inject) drugs and their children under 18 to inform the development of the HSHSP V and Global Fund programming.

Global Fund

This project is part of the Global Fund's Community, Rights and Gender strategic initiative. Through this initiative, Global Fund sub-recipients across the world can apply for technical assistance. 

 More information 

Are you interested to find our more about this assignment and the results? Please visit our project page or feel free to contact Mac Busz via email: 

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