Worlds of Opiates

Starting 3 December and running until 31 December, Mainline's social entreprise Poppi organises the pop-up expo 'Worlds of Opiates'. This expo is open every day between 11:00 and 17:00h. You can find us at the Amsterdam Central Station, Amstelpassage, unit 33p. 

As you will explore during this expo, opiates are abundant in our world. Walk through a field of 3D poppy plants and learn about the properties and shapes of the most powerful flower known to mankind. We'll tell you all about opium, heroin and painkillers, all of which contain the same active ingredient, but which will trigger different social reactions.


We'll take you to the world of the 17th century, when opium was a date rape drug, to the 18th century, when it was a sedative for the Pope and as a 'party drug' for pirates. We'll show you how morphine conquered the fronts of the Vietnam War as a pain reliever and how heroin was once marketed as a non-addictive. Different times, different places, different worlds. Experience all of them in this expo.

This exhibition will be held in Lil' Amsterdam, in the Amstelpassage in Amsterdam Central Station. You can visit it in combination with our Digital Drugs Tour, which focuses on the heroin era in Amsterdam. We run this exhibition on donations, so you can decide for yourself what it is worth to you. With the income from donations, we can continue to build cool events for our Poppi Drugs Museum. 

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