National Postcode Lottery supports Mainline

The Dutch National Lottery awards a one-time donation to Mainline. “This is great news, we will use this donation to strengthen our fieldwork!” 

“Over the next three years – from 2022 to the end of 2024 – this donation will strengthen the organization and in particular the fieldwork team,” says director Machteld Busz. The new strategic plan states that we will expand and strengthen the fieldwork team so that Mainline can focus on a specific group of drug users for a longer period. “The donation from the National Postcode Lottery makes this ambition a reality.”

The importance of fieldwork

Mainline's fieldwork is the basis of all our other work. Since the start of Mainline, we have been helping people who are often in the margins of society. Mainline works with people who distrust and often avoid healthcare. Many are homeless or struggle with mental health issues. Our field workers make contact without a hidden agenda. Where desired, we refer. The field workers mainly pick up signals. For example, around new drug trends. Or about matters that are not properly arranged for problem drug users in the Netherlands, such as: healthcare, reception, treatment or legal position.

Give a voice

Mainline's field workers stay on top of the various drugs scenes this way. Many of these scenes have their own culture of use and the risks people run because of their substance use can be very specific. This is precisely where our strength lies, because as one of the only organizations in the Netherlands we know so specifically what these people need. Our field workers provide targeted health advice during the field work or via our Mainline magazine. By recording people's stories, people who are often invisible to society are given a voice. Mainline can act as an advocate for signals that are important to larger groups: towards a social institution or towards policymakers and politicians.

New methodologies

Recently, Mainline has also started working with experienced workers on various projects. We also want to use this for new target groups. We will be testing this approach soon. For example, by offering good information materials online or by working with key figures. Busz: “There are plenty of ideas and thanks to the National Postcode Lottery we can put them all into practice.”

Mainline during fieldwork
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